Photo cut-outs and photographic works


There are many paths. Paths to onesself, paths to remote places and destinations. They all imply questions of time and space.

The photo cut-outs are spatially-related cut-outs of photos showing a growing girl in various costumes and poses during the first twelve years of her life: as an African, a cowgirl or a dancer. Ilka Vogler‘s presentation of the photos is full of lightness and movement. They are cut out in different sizes, some as installations covering an entire wall, and others as small friezes.
The photo cut-outs have been taken from a fund of thousands of photos documenting their subject‘s growth and change.

The photo triplets are photographic compilations. On the one hand, they are photos in sequence in the style of stills, while on the other they form a unity in showing various motifs from various places in Europe regularly visited by Ilka Vogler. The combination of images provides an opportunity for associative reflection, while the overall impression is one of peace and a feeling of timelessness. By making elements correspond in form and by means of corresponding subject matter, the diverse photographic subjects merge to become a unified whole.

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